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Anonymous asked: I would watch religiously if you were a cam girl.

Haha thank you!

Just a reminder that shouting things to women on the street is not okay. What you see as A complement is really harassment and makes a lot of women feel very uncomfortable. No one should have to worry about having rude and obscene things yelled at them by random people, have some respect! Don’t cat call me you piece of shit! Or prepare for this kitty’s claws to come out.😼 #streetharassment #catcalls #psa #stopstreetharrassment

Grass bokeh

German Resnick

By @shaughnessy “PLEASE REPOST!!! THIS HORRIBLE PERSON stole our 10 month old French Bulldog, Chloe, last night from my work! I let her pet Chloe and she picked her up and ran out the door into a black car with no license plates and drove away. This was very obviously a planned robbery. Luckily for us, we have surveillance cameras. If any of my followers in Vancouver know of this young woman or have seen our precious Chloe, PLEAAAASE contact either @kyleboosh or myself AND/OR the Vancouver Police Department at 604-717-3321. We are so heartbroken and just want her back home safely! THANK-YOU!!! #bringhomechloe #vancouver #littlebabychloe”

This is heartbreaking! I’ve been seeing posts and videos all over my Instagram all morning! Please, if you live in the Vancouver area and see this pup or this psycho lady contact the Vancouver Police Department!! Lets get baby Chloe home!
Every time I see this I think “I need to fall asleep here.”But more importantly, “I need to wake up here!”
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