Plot twist

I think I hit a nerve. You’re good at leaving me at a loss for words but its usually for much different reasons. I did not expect that.


Happy Birthday Nietzsche

Ella Frances Sanders

Side note: one of my biggest flaws has to be my inability to give up on seeing the good in people. I have been known to go so far as excusing the absolute worst behavior because I believed someone was capable of better and I needed to prove it; to myself and everyone else.

I’m not so sure I have the patience for it anymore, at least not like I used to. I’m beginning to lose tolerance for peoples bullshit and games a lot easier and although I still wouldn’t consider the idea of giving up on someone easy, I do understand how it can be necessary. 


Feeling bad about yourself?
Friendly reminder

That I do what I want, whatever it is that makes me happy, and I really don’t care all that much if anyone else has a problem with any of it.

I wasted enough of my life trying to please everyone. I am a giant disappointment, whatever. Get over it, I did. I moved on from what everyone else wanted that I seemed to keep failing at and found what I wanted and went with that instead. So kiss my ass if you don’t like it, or me, or certain things about me because I am not planning on changing for anyone but myself and I think I’m pretty fucking great.

Sucks that you disagree, but its your loss my friend.


Whisky is our friend.

The next time I even thinking of liking someone, please slap me.
It’ll save me wanting to smash my head into a wall…


Golden October Castle by Daniel Vogelbacher





The elusive perfect loop.

looks like he tries harder every time

i watched this for like 3 minutes straight


Hereeeee’s Johnny
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